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Why is my body broken when "Work From Home" with solutions?

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Back to work from home again, many people started to complain in the same voice that Why are superslot you tired more than before? Despite trying to work in the real home What is consensus Aggravated stress and worsening of health. There is a lot of work until there is no time to get up. Until resulting in a change in life schedule Instead of surviving COVID-19, they had to come back ill with other health problems because they couldn't sleep. If anyone doesn't want to be in this condition, Tonkit360 has some great tips. From experts to help you stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Although the way of life has changed

1.Wake up and go to bed on time. Waking up at the same time And go to bed at the same time every day It is important to take care of yourself. Because it affects the quality of sleep better But if you want to take a nap during the day The alarm should be set for no more than 20 minutes.

  1. Set time breaks between work. When there is no clear time for work breaks like in the office It is wise to set a break during the work by yourself. But if anyone is afraid of forgetting You may try to find an app to set reminders when it's time to download them to your phone.
  2. Eat lunch for a meal. Eating little by little all the time Especially when feeling stressed Will make health worse than before Plus, the body weight has increased as well. The best way is to have lunch on time. In order to have the strength to work Including having water for sipping when working
  3. Set time to exercise. Exercise regularly Will help the body have better disease resistance Which is especially suitable for the COVID-19 epidemic Just stand up and move around. Or moving the body for 15 minutes will help clear the brain more.
  4. Quit work for time. Even when working at home You don't have to rush home to escape traffic jams. But if working in a long shot until dark It may cause you to run out of fire Therefore should schedule a time to finish work And try to make it in order to have strength for the next day