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That precious medicinal herbs Or just a moldy carcass?

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Is becoming popular And talking in the online world very much for "that cicada" that looks like the remains of a ทางเข้า superslot dead cicada. And is like a small tree Grew out of the body of a cicada. It is believed that the cicada is a sacred plant. The villagers are often kept to worship for the progress of their work. And rich with money and gold Some bring that cicada to boil water and drink it regularly. Because it is believed that it will help relieve various ailments

But in fact Dr. Amnuay Kajina, Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, said that the Bureau of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control, had received a report of 2 cases of food poisoning from eating that cicada (mother and child) from the provinces in the Northeast. The two of them went to look for wild mushrooms and found that a cicada. So two people fry to eat together in the evening Then late at night on the same day Both of them began to experience nausea, vomiting, lethargy, convulsions, and spasms. The child was seriously ill, so his relatives took him to see a doctor in the hospital. As for the mother, the symptoms are not so hard to wait at home. And relatives took samples of the cicada that both people ate before having such symptoms. Come to the doctor for diagnosis The doctor therefore informed the relatives to immediately bring the mother to be treated. Both of them are currently under close medical supervision.

Which events are similar like this It has happened many times in the past. Especially in the year 2014, 9 of the 11 cases were born at the same time after the cicadas were fried and eaten with alcohol Causing nausea, vomiting, fluid stools, convulsions, changes in consciousness Muscle spasms, weakness, palpitations, tremors and dizziness, etc., which all 9 were hospitalized In severe cases, one person is required to have a ventilator, and two without symptoms. Because he ate it and felt the taste was bad, so he spit it out first. That dug found that the cicada was fried and eaten the same with the events of this time

For that cicada Frying the villagers to eat is just the remains of the cicada that is infected with fungi and insects that exist in nature. It is not algae or mushroom-like plants above the soil and tubers as you understand. That the cicadas are found in the rainy season. Due to the high humidity When a larva cicada emerges from the ground to molt, the cicada becomes weak. Therefore has a chance to infect fungi and insects easily and eventually die Insect fungi will grow in the carcasses. And thrust the fibers out of the cicada and develop a reproductive structure Make it seem root Or he came out of the cicada Which the insect fungus that causes the cicada to infect this fungus It can also occur with other insects such as ants, spiders, aphids, beetles and worms.

Dr. Went on to say that From the villagers used cicada to fry and cause food poisoning. It can be caused by fungi or from cicadas, or a combination of both fungi and cicada because it can stay in the soil for a long time Some people may be allergic to fungi, allergic to cicada or get toxic chemicals in the soil where the cicada remains, therefore, people should warn people should not bring the cicada carcasses. Or that the cicada came to be consumed Because they may get sick with food poisoning Or may have severe symptoms that lead to death

In addition to the Doctor Panda Lab Famous medical technician Said in Facebook that the cicada is not a plant that everyone understands There are no therapeutic properties as well as understood. Because it is only a cicada that has died from a fungus And the fungus is a different type of fungus from the Chinese herbal "Tang Tang" as well. Because a fungus in that cicada is a fungus that can cause toxins in the body.