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North Sa Frog Project back to extinction

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Northern pool frog project reversing extinction say experts - BBC News


Frogs that have been extinct in England since the 1990s have been reintroduced to their original habitat. After some flew from Sweden

The northern pond frog was last seen at Thompson Common in Norfolk.slotxo

The Swedish specimen was introduced to a secret Norfolk facility in 2005 and since then has successfully moved the tadpoles back to the central pond.

“That means we can reverse the extinction. And it's not often you can say that for animals,” the conservation group said.

Jim Foster, amphibious and reptile conservation director, said the frog was extinct in England. Due to the lower water level, the breeding pond is not suitable.
He said the landscape at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Thompson Common site near Thetford has been enhanced, with ponds that hold water longer and trees removed from some areas because "Frogs in the pond are true lovers of sunlight.

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