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Drivers for Elon Musk's Loop get scripts about 'A great leader'

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Drivers for Elon Musk's Loop get a script about their 'great leader' |  TechCrunch


Drivers for Elon Musk's underground loop system in เล่นเกมสล็อต roma แบบ ทดลองไม่ต้องสมัคร Las Vegas were told to avoid questions from passengers about how long they drove for the company. Report ignorance about the crash and closes the conversation about Musk himself.

Using public records law, TechCrunch obtained a document detailing daily operations at the Loop, which opened in June to send attendees around the Las Vegas

Convention Center (LVCC) using modified Tesla cars. Among these documents is a "Ride Script" that all newcomers must follow when inquiring passengers ask questions.

The script shows how serious the Boring Company (TBC) that builds and operates the system. It's about controlling the public image of new systems, technologies, and especially founder Elon Musk.