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COVID-19 : Exploring the currently developing powder vaccine production technology against the corona virus.

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Currently vaccinating against COVID-19 This can be done by injection alone. But in the future, vaccines against this disease may be available in powder form. or even tablets that can be easily transported, stored and used
In a white and airy science lab at xo autoMedicon Village in Lund, one of southern Sweden's largest science parks. The BBC team met with Dr Ingemu Anderchon, a lab female chemist holding a small inhaler less than half a matchbox.
Yuhan Waebour, CEO of Iconovo, the inhaler pharmaceutical company that owns the lab, said: "It's easy to produce and very low cost."
“You just pull out a small piece of plastic. Then the inhaled vaccine is ready for use. And you just put it in your mouth and take a deep breath to inhale it.” He explains the use of the device.
To produce the device, Iconovo worked with a Stockholm-based immunology research start-up called ISR. who develops a powdered vaccine against COVID-19
The vaccine is made using proteins created by mimicking the proteins of the COVID-19 virus. (This is different from Pfizer, Modena and AstraZeneca vaccines that use RNA or DNA to translate the genetic code into this protein.)
Another distinctive feature of the powder vaccine is that it can withstand temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius, unlike our current vaccines that are approved for use by the World Health Organization (WHO) in form. liquid and must be stored at low temperatures. This can sometimes be as low as -70°C, which is known as a "cold chain" or the vaccine will lose its effectiveness.